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Education Sessions

2019 CMS Winter Meeting, Toronto, ON, December 6-9

Establishing and Fostering a Mathematical Community Online

Organizers: Emily Braley (Harvard), Carmen Bruni (Waterloo), Caroline Junkins (Harvard)


Online collaborations are becoming more frequent between faculty, between students and every pairing in between. At the same time, online education is an expanding area of pedagogy. How do we learn online? What are the skills and characteristics of a great online instructor? What are the hallmarks of a productive online community? This session will explore new and innovative ways of engaging with a mathematical community online..

Teaching strategies for increasing diversity in math

Organizers: Sarah Mayes-Tang, Cindy Blois, and Nnenna Asidianya (University of Toronto)


In 2016 the CBMS issued a statement calling on the mathematics community to use more active learning in post-secondary math in part due to evidence that such strategies result in higher rates of persistence for women and underrepresented minorities in mathematics   This session will showcase innovative teaching that can promote diversity in mathematics.  It will focus on concrete teaching methods that the audience can use at their own institutions